Bruberi Bruberi
Bruberi Bruberi
Bruberi Bruberi

BREAKFAST 8am to 11am

The most important meal of the day, especially if it's so delicious!

Pastry/Bagels Price
Natur snail's 350 Ft
Wholemeal snail's 400 Ft
Natur croissant  300 Ft
Wholemeal croissant 400 Ft
Stuffed with croissants 450 Ft
Barchesz 300 Ft
Scone 300 Ft
Toscan bread 380 Ft
Butter crescent roll 200 Ft

Scrambled eggs from 3 eggs

Ham, edami cheese with fresh salad and baked goods
1 200,00 Ft

Forest mushrooms, parmesan cheese, basil oil, fresh salad and baked goods
1 400,00 Ft

Ham & Eggs with fresh salad and baked goods

2 eggs
1100,00 Ft

3 eggs
1200,00 Ft

French toast

With sour cream, grated cheese and fresh salad
1100,00 Ft

Viennese sausage

With mustard seed, horseradish cream and fresh salad
1100,00 Ft


Homemade pesto, quality salami, sliced ​​cheese, alternate baked goods, tomato, lettuce, smoked salmon, mozzarella, duck liver pate
950,00 Ft - 1300,00 Ft


Lunch from 12:00

(our daily offer is on the black board next to the entrance)

Daily cream soup  
800,00 Ft

Daily main course
1500,00 Ft - 2500,00 Ft

Daily dessert
650,00 Ft - 950,00 Ft

Daily menu
2 dishes 10 %
3 dishes 15 %